Empower Women Today


Be a resource

Regardless of the highs and lows that you experience, connect with our community to share your story, talk with one another and support other female athletes in every stage.

Flip the script

Through active communication in the MTTS community, we hope to change the narrative of life after sport, advocate for mental health awareness and support female champions.

MTTS offers mentor matching to women who are:

In sport

Facing the demands of practices, crazy schedules & feel like you barely have time to think?

We're here to support girls like you: the dreamers, the hard workers & those that still push the lifestyle day in and day out.

Transitioning out of sport

Lost? Confused on your next step? Lacking guidance to get to there? The Season is ending and it may feel like you're mourning a loss or losing your identity.

Come to More Than The Score for mentor matching, networking and resources about life after. We're here to help.

Living life after sport

Should we have figured it out by now? What do I do with all my free time now? What do I even want to do with my years after athletics?

Join in the community to share your story: positive, negative or indifferent. We hope to connect you with other female athletes to build your team, look for advice, garner inspiration and keep the MTTS feedback loop of mentorship rolling!

How to Get Involved

1. Apply

Join our community of strong women. Drive to create change in life after sport: career, lifestyle, and personal growth.

2. Match

Connect with a mentor through the MTTS matching program. Choose your cadence, form of communication, and interests.

3. Share

Learn from your mentor. Share your stories, aspirations, and goals along the way.

4. Grow & give back

Not only will you touch each others lives with impact—MTTS allows you to share your success and apply your growth back into the community!

The Game Plan

Good Reads

Find some new reads that will lift you up and guide you through the twists and turns of life. Highly recommended reads from the MTTS team and mentors. Check back monthly for an updated list.


Life after sport can be overwhelming, stressful and downright confusing. Learn what employers value in former athletes and as our community grows join in the More Than The Score LinkedIn!

The Statistics

We often feel alone in our experiences and moments of need. Read these facts and you’ll realize that you are not alone and what you are feeling is normal.


Your inspiration

Did you know you're surrounded by greatness? Follow along with these story lines to gain inspiration and camraderie. Learn from others as they share their stories. Maybe it will inspire you to share YOURS!